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Welcome to the website of Inverness East Church, an evangelical congregation within the Church of Scotland.  We would be delighted to welcome you to our Church on Academy Street.  Our priorities are worship, the enjoyment of God who has made himself known to us in his Son Jesus Christ, the study of the Bible, evangelism and showing the love of Christ.  In these pages, you will discover more about us, our history and our beliefs and you will see something of the work in our parish.  You will also be able to download sermons and other resources.

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Daily Readings – January 2017

This month we are going to go through the book of Ezra. Sunday 1st January Ezra 1 To understand this book of Ezra, we have to set it in its historical context. Having chosen Abraham to be the father of a new nation and having made a covenant with him, God promised that he would be(…)

Daily Readings – December 2016

Bible Readings & Prayer Points Since we celebrate Christmas in December, instead of going through a book of the Bible, we are going to think about Jesus and all the Bible teaches us about him. Then in January, we are going to go through the book of Ezra. Thursday 1st December Luke 1:26-37 We begin(…)

Daily Readings – November 2016

This month we conclude our readings in the Gospel of Luke. We are going to move very slowly through these last chapters of the Gospel because they are very significant, covering Jesus’ arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, resurrection and appearances to his disciples. Tuesday 1st November Luke 22:47-53 We read these verses yesterday noting that Jesus(…)

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