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Sunday School takes place every Sunday morning at 11am. The children come into church for the first 20 minutes of the service and then go out to their classes.

A warm welcome is extended to all children who would like to attend.

The children are taught in three groups according to their age.

Pre school children aged 3 -5 form the first group, school children in Primary classes 1 – 3 the second and finally Primary 4 up to Secondary 3 the third group.

All the children attend the first part of the Morning service and leave for Sunday School after the children’s address and the children’s praise.

During the school holidays children up to Primary 7 attend a children’s church and gather for this at a time intimated during the service.

For any further information please contact:

During the Sunday School we hope to teach the children about the love of God in a relaxed and friendly environment. Please feel free to phone if you have any questions.