Daily Readings – March 2019

Daily Readings & Prayer Points

There seems to always be a guarantee in life that change will happen. Some change is exciting and invigorating but at other times it can be disruptive and challenging. Change is something we tend to fear and become anxious about because we do not feel in control of life. The good news is that God has a plan for our lives to give us hope for the future. If we trust in God and allow change to make us spiritually grow to become more like Jesus Christ in how we respond and act, then we are promised that all things will work together for good for those who love Him and keep His commandments.
The theme for this month’s readings is change and how The Bible describes change and more particularly how it instructs us as Christians to respond to changes in our lives and the world about us. We are experiencing change as a fellowship through this period of vacancy. We are experiencing change in our personal lives and it hardly needs saying with all the political uncertainty going on around us that the future for our nation also has many uncertainties. The only constant is that God is in control and we need to place our trust in him and turn to him in prayer for guidance and strength.

March 1st
2 Peter, ch 3 vs 9
Prayer point
Pray for the vacancy and that those appointed to steer us through this process have a sense of God’s guidance and grace.

March 2nd
Deuteronomy, ch 31 vs 6
Prayer point
Pray for the recently established Mother and Toddler group. Give thanks for the children brought to the group and that they will in time come to know Jesus.

March 3rd
Ecclesiastes, ch 3 vs 1
Prayer point
Pray for the Sunday School and the teachers who are so committed in their service to our young people.

March 4th
Hebrews, ch 6 vs 19
Prayer point
Pray for the elders who are leading the prayer meetings.

March 5th
Hebrews, ch 13 vs 8
Prayer point
Pray for the political situation and that politicians of all parties would look to to God for guidance and wisdom.

March 6th
Isaiah, ch 43 vs 18-19
Prayer point
Pray for those affected by illness and pray for their recovery.

March 7th
James, ch 1 vs 17
Prayer point
Pray for the Deacons Court and their stewardship of the congregation’s assets.

March 8th
Jeremiah, ch 29 vs 11
Prayer point
Pray for the Highland Theological College and the training they give to the ministers and teachers of the future.

March 9th
Joshua, ch 1 vs 9
Prayer point
Give thanks for the recognition Susan Mackenzie received for all her service to the Girls Brigade and pray that the event to recognise that honour will go well tonight.

March 10th
1 Corinthians, ch 6 vs 11
Prayer point
Pray for both the English and Gaelic services today. Give thanks for those who are willingly providing pulpit supply during this period of vacancy.

March 11th
2 Thessalonians, ch 3 vs 3
Prayer point
Pray for those who are supporting relatives or family members who are ill.

March 12th
Malachi, ch 3 vs 6
Prayer point
Pray for the Girls Brigade and the leadership team. Give thanks for all the girls who attend weekly to learn to seek, serve and follow Christ.

March 13th
Numbers, ch 23 vs 19
Prayer Point
Pray for the Prayer Meetings today and the elders who are leading them. Pray for those who attend that they will be encouraged.

March 14th
Psalm, 18 vs 2
Prayer point
Pray that our period of vacancy would be a short one and that the congregation would stay united through this time of uncertainty.

March 15th
Romans, ch 12 vs 1-2
Prayer point
Pray for the EMMS fundraising event tonight and give thanks for the support the congregation has given to the work of EMMS over many years.

March 16th
Philippians, ch 4 vs 6-8
Prayer point
Pray for the Open Doors team and pray that their work would be blessed. Pray that people will feel welcome and encouraged to come to the Church.

March 17th
2 Corinthians, ch 4 vs 16-18
Prayer point
Pray for the services today. Pray that our congregational attendance will be sustained during this vacancy.

March 18th
Lamentations, ch 3 vs 21-23
Prayer point
Pray for the fellowship groups that will meet this month. Pray for those who the groups and open their homes up to others within the congregation.

March 19th
Psalm, 103 vs 1-6
Prayer point
Please pray for the data and sound teams who contribute so much to our worship. Give thanks for those with these talents and pray that others will be encouraged to put themselves forward to help in this work.

March 20th
Philippians, ch 4 vs 13
Prayer point
Pray for those who are unemployed, or facing employment uncertainty. Give them hope in God’s plans for their lives.

March 21st
Psalm, 84 vs 1-4
Prayer Point
Pray for Professor McGowan and his family as they settle in to their new home and the next stage of their ministry.

March 22nd
Ephesians, ch 2 vs 10
Prayer point
Give thanks for those who visit and give transport to the elderly in the congregation. Give thanks for the work of Cameron House and Ballifeary House.

March 23rd
John, ch 16 vs 13
Prayer point
Pray for the homeless and destitute and give thanks for the agencies and organisations who support them. Pray for the food bank and give thanks for those who donate time and resources to it.

March 24th
Mathew, ch 11 vs 28
Prayer Point
Pray for the services today and those from the congregation who are leading the reading and prayer. Give thanks for those who give time to the creche and tea duty.

March 25th
Hebrews, ch 11 vs 8
Prayer point
Pray that in this week of Brexit there would be unity and clarity of purpose between our political leaders and the outcome of this process would be shaped and guided by God’s spirit.

March 26th
1 John, ch 3 vs 2
Prayer point
Pray for Dr MacVicar in his role as Session Clerk. Ask God to give him strength and wisdom as he leads the congregation during this period of vacancy and change. Pray also for Reverend Hugh Watt, our Interim Moderator, at this time.

March 27th
Acts, ch 22 vs 10
Prayer point
Pray for the students attached to this congregation, who are at college and university. Pray that the foundations that were laid here will shape and influence their lives in the years ahead.

March 28th
Philippians, ch 3 vs 21
Prayer point
Pray for the Youth Fellowship and give thanks that Sheila Murray has stepped forward to lead this. Pray that numbers will increase and that the young people will respond to this message.

March 29th
Psalm, 32 vs 8
Prayer point
Give thanks for the work of Blythswood and Crossreach who support those in need both at home and abroad.

March 30th
Proverbs, ch 3 vs 5-6
Prayer point
Give thanks for the work of Drummond School and other organisations who support those in our community with additional support needs.

March 31st
Psalm, 119 vs 105
Prayer Point
Give thanks for the Music Group and pray for the various ministries through music and pray that God will speak to many through his gift of music.