Report and pictures from Inverness Big Sing

Big Sing, Inverness

The day was one of worship, fellowship and celebration and it was great to see people from all over the country coming together to mark Guild Week.
On Friday, 24 November, around 700 people gathered in the East Church in Inverness for the latest “Big Sing”. The East Church is now faced with having its roof put back on after the Guild raised it!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the day such a success. Special thanks go to Heather Beck, Convener, and Inverness and Nairn Presbyterial Council; Sheila Murray and everyone at the East Church; Myra Jerrit for playing the organ and to Iain Gibson and the students of Inverness College who photographed the event for us.

To hear a recording of the service go to: then look under resources, sermons.

Some photographs tajen by students of NC Media Inverness College

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The Big Offering

2017malawi 4

The offerings from Big Sings are raised to support the work of our friends in the Synod of Livingstonia of the CCAP in Malawi. One of the projects we have helped with is the student hostel at the Louden Teacher Training College in Embangweni, where we have provided furniture for ten student rooms.

 In August we saw the hostel at first hand and were really impressed by the building and by the commitment of so many people to this important place, where young women are encouraged to train as teachers (the picture shows some of the students at Embangweni) and, by extension, to encourage girls to remain in education.

We learned that the hostel could not run at full capacity as they had only been able to afford to dig one bore hole for fresh water. 

So, we are donating the offerings from the Inverness and Glasgow Big Sings to allow a second source of water to be provided.

The offering at Inverness was a wonderful £ 2448.80, or around 2.5 million Malawi Kwachas, there being around MK1000 to £1. The estimated cost of the bore hole is MK4 million, so we are well on the way to reaching that target…let’s hope we can get there in Glasgow!